So, here’s the final post, which has been put off for too long.  

Melbourne I have often called “my second home”.  On travelling to other lovely places such as Fremantle in Perth and Sydney too, I can’t help but feel now that I am just the kind of person who tends to feel at home wherever I go.  You know, I honestly love Tasmania.  It is an incredibly special place full of magic.  But I have never yet felt homesick.  I am at my happiest when travelling, meeting new people, seeing the beauty in new places, and playing my music for people.  I am instantly comfortable on a mattress on a floor, a bed in a caravan, a spare room in a townhouse, an inflatable bed in a tent.  I don’t feel any sense of relief to be heading home to my own bed.  I think this may have something to do with how much more in the present moment I am these days… but that is entirely another blog.

Of course I must go home and back to my numerous various jobs and pay my rent.  But this has given me hope for perhaps a day when I can make a living doing this thing that I love, and travel the world just singing for everyone.  And with everyone.

Anyway.  Return I did to my not-so-cold island, for my final album launch gig at The Alley Cat on the 21st December.  My dear friend Rory Campbell opened for me… always a treat for me to hear his whole-hearted music!


It’s funny how the two places where I should feel most at home on my tour - Melbourne and Hobart - ended up being the gigs where I felt the most uncomfortable.  In Hobart this was partly due to the crowd who happened to be at the Alley Cat that evening (though they mostly left once we started playing… which made me feel guilty about the venue’s business for the evening disappearing) and partly to me thinking I’d lost my phone about 2 minutes before I got on stage, haha. 

I was disoriented, and disconcerted, and didn’t play well.  But again… learning experiences.  I had an audience of beautiful people, my diehard supporters, my longtime friends, those dear to me.  

I sang a couple of songs with my beloved brother Ben Lawless (of The Lawless Quartet) who then stayed and played some more after me.  As always, I’m grateful for the blessing of making music with someone like Benny, who is an incredible musician & artist and one of the many magic-makers I am lucky to know.

And with that, the tour was done.


The evolution of the setlist over my tour…

… Now what?

Wait a moment, before we start moving forward, it’s probably time for me to reflect on the whole thing - the Pozible campaign, the tour, and where I’m at with all the rewards and the money.  I will make that post soon!  I feel it deserves a post of its own.  

In the meantime, take care… don’t forget I’m over on Facebook and Twitter as well (where I am currently being overexcited about writing new songs)… talk to you soon!



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